Bar Rodin, Designer


My connection to jewelry and creativity has its roots going all the way back to Israel, where I
was born and raised.  About 20 years ago, I moved from Tel Aviv to St. Louis, where my husband is from, but I still go back to Israel bi-annually and maintain a regular routine of keeping up with my home country’s beautiful and unique jewelry production and design.  


In 2015, I decided  to start my own business because I felt that I needed to bring something new and different to the jewelry market here in America.  Originally I worked with a few designers that I knew from Israel, imported their pieces and sold them here.  Very shortly after I saw success in selling pieces that I imported, I realized that I too had a creative passion to design and create jewelry, which I began doing and selling at lower price points than the pieces that I imported.  

My company’s mission soon became to create our own Israeli-inspired, spiritual and creative jewelry and bring it to the US market at affordable prices.  All of my fashion jewelry is 22-24K gold plated, .925 silver plated and rhodium plated.  My higher ended jewelry is gold-filled, pure sterling silver and rhodium that can get wet and won’t tarnish.  


I work as both a retail seller and as a wholesaler.  As a retailer, I present my jewelry at different venues throughout the year and at parties that are given by my friends and acquaintances.  As a wholesaler, I sell pieces from my collections to various stores and boutiques in the St. Louis area.