Hamsa Jewelry

Gemstone Bracelets that Complement Who You Are

If metal bangles are just not your style, Motek Jewelry brings you a wide selection of gemstone bracelets that fit with your sense of fashion and align with your personality. You’ll feel like you have the most fashionable sense of representing yourself simply sitting on your wrist to capture everyone’s eye. We not only have gemstone bracelets, but one of our most popular designs of jewelry is Hamsa Jewelry. Highlighted by beads or pendants, each piece is crafted out of different materials to rest on your skin while perfectly matching your jeans, T-shirt, and hoodie. We have necklaces, rings, and bracelets with the Hamsa symbol on them. The Hamsa hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. The wearer of the Hamsa can wear it facing up or down, and it is believed to give the owner success, harmony, and protection from the “Ayin Ha’ra”, also known as “The Evil Eye”. We also have several different hamsa jewelry pieces available in our Judaica collection featuring symbols and sayings that celebrate your heritage.

Fun and Flirty Gemstone Bracelets

How often have you fought with the clasp on a chain link bracelet? Our gemstone bracelets are easy to slip on over your hand with a comfortable stretchy band. You are never left fiddling with tiny moving parts or begging to get your bracelet back where it belongs. Take your pick of bracelets in gold, sterling silver, stacked rings, and braided cord and leather. You can select the jewelry you love based on its looks, not on how hard or easy it is to wrap around your wrist.

Come Back Often to Explore New Designs

Motek Jewelry features several in-house designers, which means we are constantly searching for new looks and producing limited samples to test the market. Return to our online jewelry store any time that you are looking for inspiration or a new necklace that features the latest trending colors and styles. We pour our heart into every piece, which is reflected in the artistry and beauty of every ring and bracelet.

It is okay to impulse shop in our store! We offer free shipping on every order over $30 and personally package it up with care. Payment is easy. We accept all major credit cards and use an encrypted secure payment system. Come back and visit Motek Jewelry soon!