Opal Sterling Silver Necklaces

Timeless Opal Sterling Silver Necklaces

Are you searching for a special necklace for a special person? Check out our selection of opal sterling silver or gold-filled necklaces from Motek Jewelry. Opal is the birthstone for October, represents the power of love, and is known as a talisman for magic and luck. We craft a range of unique settings in sterling silver and gold-filled to complement the ever-changing colors of this precious stone. You will love the look and feel of the necklace when you fasten the clasp around their neck.

Affordable and Stylish Silver-Plated Earrings

Would you also like a pair of silver-plated earrings to mix or match that necklace? Our designers are always introducing new ways to add wire, leather, cord, crystals, and semi-precious stones to our silver-plated earrings. Discover simple geometric shapes or pendants of your favorite plants and animals. There is always something new being added to our earring department and designs change with every season. Best of all, the price of our pairs will not empty your wallet.

Jewelry Designs that Change with the Seasons

Is it time to pack for a beach vacation or a trip to the mountains? Add a new necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings to give your outfit some extra sparkle. You don't expect to see the same tops on the rack at the clothing store as the year goes by. That is why we are always designing fun new looks to lift up your spirit.

When you love the look of silver matched to gorgeous stones, fun pendants, and geometric shapes, shop for your bling at Motek Jewelry. It only takes a few minutes to drop a few pieces into your cart, check out on our secure server, and have it shipped straight to your United States address.